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Better & Improved
Before coming to Silvana, I can hardly hold a tune and I'm very nervous & shy about singing. But I have been making steady and much progress ever since started lesson with Silvana half year ago. Professionally, Silvana is a very competent music teacher. She is one of "not too many" professional singer who not only can sing, but also teach beautifully. She can somehow explains and beaks down the abstract nature of singing into small and concrete steps for her students to understand and follow. She made singing seems logical and manageable for me! Thank you so much Silvana!
Dear Silvana,

Yesterday was the school performance. My daughter sang beautifully, it was such a joy. And I cannot tell you how many compliments she received.

But what I wanted to share with you most is that many mothers asked "what happened" with my daughter since they know her, from previous performances, to be an "ordinary and normal" girl. Her singing yesterday, however, was incredible.

I told everybody that we owed this change in her to you, that her singing improved so much within just a few lessons with you.

Thank you, thank you!